Huether Hotel


Our locally made sanitizer

What We Offer.

Our locally made hand sanitizer is 77% ethyl alcohol that is available in a thin sprayable consistency and in a medium, shampoo-like consistency that doesn’t leave your hands dry and cracked. These products have high efficacy and have been formulated for healthcare facilities, restaurants, businesses and for in-home use. All materials we use are of high quality and are sourced from Canada and the United States. All ingredients are USP food grade approved. Our sanitizer is approved by Health Canada, and its NPN is 80098504.



How We Are Different.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many companies started to produce sanitizer as fast as possible. This led to many sanitizers on the market that have a distinct odour and are of low quality. Instead of putting out a subpar product, we took our time and contacted a local chemist with years of experience, Robin Pixner. Together we produced sanitizer with no odour, fragrance or excess ingredients to make sure our customers, staff and community are safe.







Connect with us.

If you are interested in learning more about sanitizer visit www.stellchem.com, call our chemist Robin Pixner at 519-218-1600 or talk to David Adlys at 519-496-2324.



Looking to buy in bulk?

We offer special prices for those looking to buy high quantities. Please connect with Robin or David, details mentioned above, to learn about pricing options. We also have refillable, hands-free dispensers available as a free-standing unit or as a wall-mounted unit. This helps us limit excess plastic waste and cuts costs for our customers. To get your bulk orders, you can visit the Huether Hotel’s take-out window on Princess street or have it delivered for no extra cost! 














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Lion Brewery Restaurant

Lion Brewery Restaurant
Experience the Lion Brewery with open concept kitchen and space for private functions and the Cavern Wine Celler.


Barley Works

Barley Works
A restaurant bar featuring a 40’ bar, and plenty of screens to enjoy the game. Upstairs is the perfect space, overlooking the room below.


Cafe 1842

Cafe 1842
From our specialty eggs benedict to start your day, a snack in the middle of the day or a cup of Seattle’s Best any time of the day.


The Jazz Room

The Jazz Room
A sizzling night club dedicated to the best in jazz music presentation. Perfect for local audiences to hear and feel great live jazz.